Live usb trial

Hi , just a quicky one , I 've installed live on a usb key wich wasn't fast enough . Wated to install it again on a newer usb but had a message unable to install again ....
Does that mean you can only install it once on a usb ?
Forgot to tell it's elive3.0.6 stable to install on an old dellinspiron 1750 ...

Welcome to the forum! :boogie:

What do you mean? You should have gotten an email with the Download link and you can redownload the iso if need be... if you didn't, you can contact us mods via direct messages (click on our profile picture and click Message).

Hi , thanks for the Welcome...
I downloaded a second time and got it .
I will let you know the message I had when trying to install the first image on the new USB

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Sounds good! :smiley:

unfortunately I gave you wrong info , could not boot , even the second time

herewith copy of my screen

I used Gparted to verify my USB , looks good ...don't understand what's happening

can you help ?

That's...strange. :face_with_head_bandage:

Tried a different usb? Also, are you using the ISO or IMG version?

It seems you're right assuming this usb is not reliable...I've copied the iso elementary os and had the same error message ...
got elive installed on another key and it does work...
I used the IMG version

thanks for help anyway , will play some time with the live Elive usb ,at first sight , looks nice ...

see you

Yeah, what brand is it? Brands other thsn Verbatim, Lexar, and Sandisk aren't the best..