Lost keyboard volume functionnality

I updated .config to the last version and had to redo some stuff

But happen to loose my Logitech Volume Key, Mute in the process.

I tried the exec setvolume 5 up and down and mute but it doesn't work

@Thanatermesis ?

using elive-skel upgrade and choosing .config then RESTARTING the Desktop config

OK if i use the Audio configurator and choose my Logitech HeadSet, the Keys starts working again

It's only if I set pulse audio to use the speakers / line out, than volume key / mute do not work

may be (!) it's switching strangely because of an available HDMI out - port ?
What when you try to disable the inactive out?
(HDMI should be grayed out, when you are using line out jack...

if I go into Pulse Audio, the HEadSet Mic do not show / is not visible in Input Devices

Then something went wrong with the driver

ok I'll keep using the Headset for now
The only problem is that I can't controle volume when using LineOut / speaker

Some rebotos and apugs in a week it'll come back LOL

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yes, .config is a generic dir of multiple configs, you should update the directories inside them independently, not the full dir

ok this entry should be not shown by default... removed


Ok, let's know if the issue is with the elive mixer tool or from the mixer's itself, try these two commands and tell me which ones works correctly for your issue:

pulsemixer --set-volume 40
setvolume 40%

both will change the volume at the 40% volume level (see if the volume changes when using these commands)

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but works very well.

which ones of these two ones? :slight_smile: aparently one of these fails to change volume in your machine

but commands works
Though, it's was wit the headset the problem, so I need to do more testing