Make eltrans work again

What's the problem with eltrans? Why is the older version unable to run in the new beta?
What can we do to help you with it?
If it needs to be rewritten completely, is it fine if i write it for you? Just write down the software requirements in a decent way (and, in case, what kind of interface should i give it so that you can easily connect it to your servers) and i'd be ready to make it. The programming language you'd prefer is up to you, though i'm good at java/python only! Or in case you'd like something running within a terminal i can use also C or SH

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I am not 100% sure but think the issue is server side and requires maintenance or overhaul.
@Thanatermesis tried to get it running a while back but to no avail ...... at least not in the way it should run.

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oh i see... so nothing i can do about it

Like I said, I'm not sure where exactly the problem was but it was mainly a thing of not accepting user credentials IRRC.
There was a thread about it a while back:




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C'est quoi ca ?
Trop d'info ou simplement trop en general ? :thinking:

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I'll prolly give you a call on that one in the near future .... once I'm able to free some more time again to recreate a proper "welcome" message, amongst other stuff I've got in mind.
Thana loves perl so that can be a hurdle.
I understand why perl is incredibly powerful and versatile but find it almost impossible to read and find bugs... or to rewrite existing code. :frowning_face:

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"Faire qu'Eltrans fonctionne Ć  nouveau" :wink:

"J'abonde!" du verbe abonder, dans le sens d'aller dans le sens de.... In english: subscribe, been pointing, going in the direction/way of... :open_book: :angel:



I'd like to help for the project. My problem is really simple: i take forever to understand other people code. And most of the code in the elive github repo are 1000 or more lines bash scripts, which makes everything complicated.
But if you tell me: i need to get that output from this input (e.g.) i will do it without too many troubles!
Or just make your code a bit tidier eheh


basically the code is very old and ugly, it will be good to have a full rewrite (this is a ton of time involving), the reason is that the extension of the files has changed and this change in the code can be somewhat fast, but a lot of betatesting needs to be done to ensure that nothing is massively broken (like lost translations made by users, correct integration, no source-code alteration, etc)

not much since the biggest issue is that a lot of betatesting in the modifications needs to be done, this means that i need to do all of them there

another idea about eltrans is to switch from SVN to GIT, which is much more reliable in possible translations conflicts, but this is also much more work and also an unknown state for the reviewing of the translations from website: Timeline ā€“ Elive Development (your translator login required to view)


IIRC GitHub has an "import" function where you can import subversion, merucial, etc repos.

This way you'd have a unified place to store the translations and other code that is already on GitHub.

Seeing as it appears I don't have a translation account, I can't really see what needs there are, but GitHub might do the trick.

I started a rewrite of Eltrans (to help you out as you said the code is ugly), it is currently not done but I could finish it if you want...? Though it would probably take a while because I don't use svn, git all the way! :madness: :coding: :smiley14:

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No git, no glory! :madness: :coding:

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Seriously @Thanatermesis, why are we still using svn in 2020? :laugh: :disbelief: :confusing: :baffled: :nod:

the problem is not "having it in git", the problem is to make eltrans able to manage the translations on a git format (it was designed to do it from an svn format), this requires some big rewrites on eltrans and in fact, I think many things needs to be rewrited on eltrans since its a very old tool and has very old code, and this also means:

  • a lot of work
  • a lot of betatests needed
  • a lot of new bugs since lots of things will change

that's another issue, the accounts are "svn accesses", to be ported on git its needed to write a "git access system", which... well is much more complicated

in fact switching from svn to git is not a prior needed thing, but it can make the code more reliable, but the thing is that it is not too much important and this change requires many work

please give me some time, im trying to make some things work better on the website at the moment + building an updated iso + wanting to publish something about covid in a newsletter (yeah we are going to erradicate it before this happens, hopefully lol), + etc

I just received a github notification from @TheTechRobo for something about "a github project for debating", im not sure what it was exactly (seems expired) but for debating things about eltrans this is the best place to do it (our forum) :slight_smile:

mmh sounds good if the code will be "the same but better", this means things like:

  • functions should be called with arguments, so variables must be passed in that way instead of using global variables, unless a global variable has its own purpose
  • variables must be set as local (as much as possible) in order to make the code more reliable
  • an important thing is to make the code more readable, this means using better naming convention, in short, an english sentence sorted in the inverse way just like an object parent to the object children, for example using something like "eltrans_translation_file_get" instead of "get_file_translation_eltrans" (just what wordpress and many things do in an horrible way)
  • using elive-tools functions instead of own functions made (if they are available), you have them pressing el_<TAB>

well thats a long list of examples, eltrans requires a few modifications to make it compatible back and also, if possible, to improve the code to be better and more readable/reliable, but the second is less prior :slight_smile:

If you want, try to send a small push request to see how your changes looks like

note that the "git VS svn" thingy is not about the code but about where the translations are stored, see: Timeline ā€“ Elive Development , and - etc

like i said, we are not (not exactly), eltrans is on github, the svn thing is where the translations are stored, so eltrans (and all the packaging tools and related things to the translations for elive) uses svn commands to manage them (get them, upload changes, diff them, etc etc), this means a big rework on all those tools if we want to switch to git, but i still don't know if is a good idea, for example, eltrans accounts are simple web accesses and generated from a cli tool to http apache kind acceses, this is easy to create, for git, is needed an ssh key... now, eltrans was designed to be EASY for users to be able to collaborate making translations, using apache http accessess is very easy and they don't need to know anything more than its password, with the second, they needs to generate an ssh key, know wtf is that and how a terminal works, and it will be able to use only on -that- computer (unless the user knows how to use its ssh keys on other computers). Eltrans was wrote in the past because of the need to make an easy "not programmers" way to let users helping with translations

It wasn't a place to debate, it was the actual software...when i sent you it it was in a private repo, now it's public...

You're right, that's long.
I don't think I could actually make eltrans with those requirements...i don't know much bash and it was written in python...

Does it?
On GH at least, even on private repos, i only use an ssh key on a very old computer that doesn't have the newest TLS (so not compatible with https git). But on every single other computer, it just asks me for my username and password.

But anyway, if GIT doesn't fit your needs, it's fine...I won't keep arguing. :disbelief:

but github is owned by the devil nowadays

True, but most of the sw in elive is on github.

Even your repo Stuff-For-Elive is on github (ps i added a pull request for grammar)


Well, a lot has changed since ye ol' days.
I wont say M$ is one of the good guys now but certainly not worse than Amazon, Google and/or Apple.

I suppose A move to "gitlab" is an option but the question is if it's worth the hassle......i.e if or when it gets bought by some entity with deep pockets. :thinking:

Yeah, I was going to (for personal projects)...but too much hassle for me, plus i was just getting noticed (posted a module on Reddit). It'd probably be the same for elive (except the "just getting noticed" part)

I would miss GH Project Boards, Releases (Markdown tags), GitHub Pages, and Wikis. So too much hassle (don't want to find alternatives).

(EDIT: Geez that was a fast like @triantares! :madness:)

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If billou the slave slave master and it's masters can continue their ongoing weird work, you will ask for having m$ stamped under your skin, with it's mark...
For me, since the beginning of micron$hill, it's a thing with a very bad smell......