Make eltrans work again

What's the problem with eltrans? Why is the older version unable to run in the new beta?
What can we do to help you with it?
If it needs to be rewritten completely, is it fine if i write it for you? Just write down the software requirements in a decent way (and, in case, what kind of interface should i give it so that you can easily connect it to your servers) and i'd be ready to make it. The programming language you'd prefer is up to you, though i'm good at java/python only! Or in case you'd like something running within a terminal i can use also C or SH

I am not 100% sure but think the issue is server side and requires maintenance or overhaul.
@Thanatermesis tried to get it running a while back but to no avail ...... at least not in the way it should run.

oh i see... so nothing i can do about it

Like I said, I'm not sure where exactly the problem was but it was mainly a thing of not accepting user credentials IRRC.
There was a thread about it a while back:




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C'est quoi ca ?
Trop d'info ou simplement trop en general ? :thinking:

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I'll prolly give you a call on that one in the near future .... once I'm able to free some more time again to recreate a proper "welcome" message, amongst other stuff I've got in mind.
Thana loves perl so that can be a hurdle.
I understand why perl is incredibly powerful and versatile but find it almost impossible to read and find bugs... or to rewrite existing code. :frowning_face:

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"Faire qu'Eltrans fonctionne Ć  nouveau" :wink:

"J'abonde!" du verbe abonder, dans le sens d'aller dans le sens de.... In english: subscribe, been pointing, going in the direction/way of... :open_book: :angel:



I'd like to help for the project. My problem is really simple: i take forever to understand other people code. And most of the code in the elive github repo are 1000 or more lines bash scripts, which makes everything complicated.
But if you tell me: i need to get that output from this input (e.g.) i will do it without too many troubles!
Or just make your code a bit tidier eheh

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basically the code is very old and ugly, it will be good to have a full rewrite (this is a ton of time involving), the reason is that the extension of the files has changed and this change in the code can be somewhat fast, but a lot of betatesting needs to be done to ensure that nothing is massively broken (like lost translations made by users, correct integration, no source-code alteration, etc)

not much since the biggest issue is that a lot of betatesting in the modifications needs to be done, this means that i need to do all of them there

another idea about eltrans is to switch from SVN to GIT, which is much more reliable in possible translations conflicts, but this is also much more work and also an unknown state for the reviewing of the translations from website: Timeline ā€“ Elive Development (your translator login required to view)

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