Make new Elive version that shows adds to user in it

I know, this will get you to much weird but I have an idea and i want to share with you.

The main problem is most of the people are want to use operating system and software free but the developers cant eat stone.

So how about to make one new version of Elive that shows adds in it to its user. And get money from that.

  1. Make a new version of Elive and name it for example , SUWSA ( Support Us With Seeing Adds )

  2. In this version, collect anonymous user data. ( if you not agree with this idea , just skip it)

  3. Show FAIR , NOT ANNOYING, SAFE .... adds ( text, picture, or video )

  4. Write an agreemet that explian the situation. When the users want the install this elive vesion. Ask from them to agree.

This is an idea to make peace between the users who want to free drink and the developers who not want to eat stone to live.

This is only raw idea with my goodwill to see not only Elive, but evey good linux distro in very good place and condition. Couse of this is a raw idea. I am advising to Elive developers to make brain strom to improve this idea.

It has been passed approximately 18 years since first verison of Elive. And like most of the linux distros, it is not in the place it must be.

Thanks a lot... For reeding..

Welcome to the forum! :happy:

Personally, I'm not fundamentally opposed to the idea of that (as long as there's no tracking etc), but I'm not sure it would go over well with many linux users as a lot of people generally don't like that kind of thing. A lot of people switched from windows because of this behaviour. :thinking:


Hi ... Thanks for your replay

If we are assume Microsoft and Elive ice cream shop. I want to say that there is a thin line between Microsoft ice cream shop and Elive ice cream shop. If customers goes microsoft they will pay ton of money, give freedom, take only one kind of ice cream. if customers goes Elive shop they will not lose anything only they will find another kind of ice cream.

The normal version will continue its own way. Only there will be one more version in the list.

Nice to hear thoughts on acquiring funds but the proposal here has a fundamental flaw: Advertisements don't magically spring into existence when you say you want them. :frowning_face:

To have (paying) adds ,one needs to have them in the first place. The total number of people visiting (let alone downloading from) the website is way too low to garner any sort of significant attention from commercial advertisers.
So, realistically any advertisements would come down to donations/support from those firms and they would do so without any obligations or intrusiveness.

Totally true, the amount of users is not enough to consider this option. On the other hand, ads is also quite against the Elive philosophy :slight_smile:

From the homepage:



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