Make sure to use Discourse tags!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick reminder to add tags to your post. This helps Elive a bunch because Discourse will automagically convert these to SEO tags, which means the Elive forum posts will show up in more search results.

Thanks and have a great time in the forum! :w00t:

Thanks for the reminder. But my first Question would be: how?
While creating a post, I'm able to insert smileys, bullet lists, format my text ... But nowhere are 'Tags' seen.
#tag #tagtwo #taggedidingdong?

It's in the message header like in this thread "seo".
You'll find it top right with the + sign. Already available tags are shown and you can add your own.

Exactly as @triantares said.

-yes, i know if i post this screenshot on the elive forum i will die-

But seriously, I have no choice but to use this...

im sorry...

Its that button, right there - the one with "optional tags"

At least its not windoze 10

And if you want reasoning...this is the only computer that can do a google meet other than my non functioning chromebook

You're not dead but you do smell a tad funny. :madness:

On my Elive, Google Meet runs just fine BTW ...... exceptionally better than M$ teams, certainly.

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But you're not running a pentium dual-core.

I can be on the google meet, but if I do anything else the system becomes unusable. :frowning_face:

Good point. :nod: