Making tkinter look ok

Continuing the discussion from Youtube-dl GUI finished:

What makes it ugly? The buttons? I find that if the buttons are better it looks fine. :thinking:

How 'bout this (in tkinter) or looks too old?


the buttons are defined by the OS AFAIK, it's more the general options, widget outlines, coloring and spacing (it's cramped) that I dislike.
Qt5 and GTK3 have a lot more to offer.

oh yeah, I forgot. the linux define looks like win95 tho.

I'll try out qt. Seems complicated tho.

Use "pyside2" to be able to use python like code as Qt5 is C# oriented.

That way it'll all come easier and on top, like I mentioned before: "QtCreator" is excelent, just requires getting used to "signals and slots" as a means to have a GUI communicate with it's surroundings.
It really is very well thought out. :+1: