Menu regeneration on Desktop login

The regeneration of the e16 menus on Desktop login are said to be needed for "newly installed" programs to show up in the menu.
This IMO a very heavy weight solution to minor problem. In my case a lot of settings get lost (or become unusable i.e the pager stuck in the cairo-dock reserved space) as well as the self installed backgrounds.....even cairo-dock changes it's settings and loses some icons (don't know why yet).

The reality is that the complete ~/.e16 directory is overwritten for just a new entry in the e16 menu. :sniff:
Isn't there a way to diff the cairo-dock menu (which does add new entries on the fly) with the e16 menu entries and add the new one, including it's icon? :thinking:
The current method is cludgy and incredibly frustrating if you want to keep your own settings. :eyepopping:


Triantares and Rebel450:

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well, i don't see a better alternative :slight_smile:

mmmh, that looks entirely wrong, or there's a bug somewhere, or you have a different thing happening

you can betatest the entire behaviour yourself, by just running manuallly the script located in:


as you can see on it, it -only- regenerates the menu and doesn't touch anything more than that, please try to run the script manually to see if breaks your settings as how you said :thinking: so it is very strange issue

I don't think so, I assume there's simply -no menu- as a static file in cairo-dock and everything happens on RAM, parsing the menu entries and remembering them

eventually also, this will lead to the same issue

what can be more dynamic is to listen the directory of menus waiting for a change and if happens, menus are regenerated (this is simply the ideal solution), but will add an extra daemon / memory to be running :thinking:

the problem is in the other side: "there's no your own settings", menus are a dynamic thing meant to be regenerated when needed, by other side you are able to have your own custom menu, and this was in fact enabled by default but disabled for elive (users don't have own menus), if you want to implement such "custom menus" you need to check that from the perl tool that regenerates it, you will see that code, basically what you need to do is:

  • if file exist, add it to the generated menus
  • if file doens't exist, skip / ignore it

note: since this topic is more related to development, I moved it out of the "installed system" category (which should be more meant to be used for stable versions, and this is a very-in-development state topic).

The thing is that all changes made in enlightenment,settings are unset.
That despite "remembered"settings, the pager placement (I have it top right corner like in stable e17), number and border settings are all gone.

  • the theme is back to default Dark-One.
  • The pager is down in the left corner again inside the cairo-dock reserved space. That makes it un-accessible. :sniff:
  • Sound is turned on again :eyepopping:
  • My backgrounds folder is empty :disbelief:
  • "startup-applications" is overwritten, removing my own entries, including "fancy-menu" installer. :face_with_head_bandage:
  • mouse focus is back to default while I prefer "follow clicks"

This isn't nice at all.
Will do some tests later today, I hope.

All right tested everything by logging in and out on 2 machines and all went well now, in the sense that nothing changes anymore. I suspect there was some script or leftover on my machine that messed up before.

So the only change now is the menu which (for now) gets overwritten by "fancy menus" installer in autostart-applications.list.
Note self: Get moving with the menu generator script to do that.:typing:

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BTW, I doesn't know why, but I miss a personal background and for some unknown reason is missed at every system restart, I must activate it every session because I got the default alpha background...

How to fix it?

P.S.: Is the Jean Fabre "Searching for the Utopie" sculpture, site at Namur's Citadelle, in Belgium, picture taken last Tuesday 17th September 2019

That is strange behaviour. How do you apply your personal background?

I copied the picture in /home/luis/.e16/backgrounds/ and then right-click in a clean desktop area -> settings -> Background

If I do right click into image and "use as background" nothing happens, and if I go into E16 backgrounds menu without pass first by E16 global setting box nothing happens neither...

that should work and be kept despite reboots and new logins :thinking:

That only works in Gnome AFAIK

Yep, but it doesn't work.... any new start I must look for this background again (those turtle has an special signification for me and it was related with a story concerning my new job that I'll related in coffee corner)....

On a reboot is the picture still in .e16/backgrounds or do you have to put it there again?

Is still there...

Then I really don't know what could be the problem other then that you don't click apply or save in the background settings menu.

I tried both, but the issue remains there....

for conky? check the alpha / composite / argb settings in ~/.conkyrc (this is auto when creating a new desktop conf)

I doesn't know what you did, but now issue is fixed after several apug.... :+1:

I'm late in 3.7.10 now that seems we are in 3.7.13...... some days busy without read the forum....