Microphone Logitech Headset and output speaker

Sound in Elive works well / simple if I choose either the default sound card ( speaker) or my Logitech Headset (for sound output and micrphone)

What I do from time to time but just realize I can’t do, is have the output on my speaker and input/microphone on on the headset. I communicate with different people using Whatsapp Desktop, Voxer, FaceBook, Skype etc)

For now, for it to work, I need to setup the audio on the Headset for everything…

But I like from time to time listening to musing on my speaker and not always have the headset on my head and still be able to use the microphone

False Alert

The way the Wizzard / audio configuration is doing it, confused me but I can use my Headset microphone as input and speaker as output. So I am ok

When the wizzard / audio configuration tool ask : Do you want the same audio card for your microphone, the selection window show up again, without specifying it is now for the microphone but it is for the microphone.

So the Tool is doing it’s job