Mini version of window in taskbar icon

I think that > 20 years ago, when I first saw enlightenment (when I was about 6 months old on linux), I had seen a feature where a program’s icon on the task bar was a LIVE VERSION of the actual window, ie. if a game was playing in a window, you’d see a tiny version of the game in the task bar!!!

That is what I remember, but I can’t seem to remember whether I actually saw that or not, ie. whether I was just hallucinating or something!! I wanna know, does that feature exist today, if it ever did at all? How does one turn it on?

Thanks and cheers! :smile:

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I would love such a feature too.

When @Thanatermesis comes back he’ll may be have the answer as I am to new to Elightenment…

At my top right, my Desktops ( Virtual Workspace) show generic application icons ( Chrome, Firefox etc) but not the real thing, I mean the actual window of the app ( on which site I am, etc)

Alright this is a nice feature which existed in older versions of Enlightenment (before e17), probably in e16 (which you can actually install in Elive too), they were live previews in the taskbar, like a constantly updated-screenshot of the windows

We don’t have such feature in E17, but it exist in newer version of Enlightnement (like e21 for example), I don’t know if we are going to use newer enlightenment or stick at e17 in the future, but for reach a similar functionality in e17 you can use ecomorph, you won’t see it in the taskbar but in the exposé effect, which is a realtime live-preview of the windows, it looks nicer and in realtime (like watching videos playing in these thumbnails etc)

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So people with one monitor, using Ecomorph, can achieve that ?

Eh? Version number increased but functionality decreased? And then increased again? WTF??!!

more or less yes, it is a similar but different feature

e16 and e17 are absolutely-deeply-entirely different things, e17 is a full rewrite of the enlightnement desktop based on its own libraries, the dekstop is entirely rewrited and so redesigned from scratch, the features are similar but different, at the time of e17 the live previews was not exactly possible… they was, but not in the optimal way that the perfectionist guys of E wanted to achieve (same for e16, was a nice feature but not perfect, like no realtime and polling-required), so it happened later with newer E or using ecomorph

So, if I understand, the latest ver of E is 21?? When will that version be coming to Elive, and what cool stuff will it have in it? :smiley: :excited:

Not sure, maybe e22 or e23

It has more features, but specially more adapted to the new EFL libraries, and this has good but also bad things at the same time…

There’s big reasons of why Elive uses e17, like stability, own features, more computers support by having the composite layer separated and not internally, and having the possibility to use ecomorph… which is not possible in e18 and later

So to not use e17 in elive in the future will have also a bad impact, a big research will be needed to know if we should use e17 or newer in the future