Missing libddcutil-dev

Elive latest 64bit beta

I am missing the libddcutil-dev in the repository, any suggestion?


It's not there for Buster, but it is for Bullseye (and Sid), albeit a newer version of course.

so I will install it from the eye... but show about all the dependencies

Make sure you don't mix repositories i.e. bullseye and buster.

I seriously screwed up my system like that.

I think there's a github entry for ddcutils, maybe try compiling from source for your machine.

I'm wondering why it isn't there (anymore?) for Buster. :thinking:

maybe it'S time for elive to leave buster. ccdutils are great help in #e

Well it's only the libddcutil-dev that's missing ..... so not that big a reason by itself.
Enlightenment only needs ddcutils as application not so much the dev version.