Modern browser on 3.0.6

My (old) post has 28.10.0 so maybe you didn't search well enough. :thinking:

continue reminding @Thanatermesis then, it's not unimportant :mwahaha:


I am sorry to say that changing the user-agent didn't work either. This is really strange, since when running a different live Linux operating system "Emmabuntü", I managed to get the page displayed correctly using the Firefox-ESR browser.

That is most likely an internet issue. Sure that it's all set up?

Try this in a terminal:

wget --tries=1

fine, you try :madness: Stable 3.0.6 sereously needs web browser updates

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Just compiled Palemoon, I've yet to see if it'll work on Stable.
I can't access most computers in my house right now.

Send a link and I'll download and check. :innocent:

I do have my doubts as to needed libraries available though ....... maybe a flatpak could solve that. :thinking:

The old 32bit worked and I doubt that was compiled on Wheezy.


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Download's ready


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Sorry mate,
Palemoon wont start on my "Elive Stable 3.0.6" machine.

Double clicking on unpacked "palemoon" does nothing. "palemoon-bin" and "" neither.

Starting with zsh in terminal is no joy too.

And bash doesn't even know what to do with it.

Looks like shared libraries issue to me but definitely also down as to how Wheezy handles binary executables.
Maybe we need to really install it instead of running from its own folder....or flatpak? nope, doesn't exist as an option on Debian 7.... too old. :face_with_head_bandage:

Dam. I really was hoping. :face_with_head_bandage:

Hm, that could be it. ./mach failed for me on 3.0.6 (hence why I couldn't get it to compile IIRC) and I couldn't get it working because "permission denied" even though it was executable. :thinking:

AppImage might be the way to go, as it's self-contained?

Nope didn't appimage get support below Jessie ...... It's clear that Stable really, really shouldn't be on offer for serious usage. :derelict_house:
If at all it would require a .deb for installation but I doubt you'll get it to build on 3.0.6 :face_with_head_bandage:

I really wish that it was Jessie instead of Wheezy.

That would make things 1000x easier. :face_with_head_bandage:

Even easier would be to have Retro out in the wild to point people to.
After all it's good enough and will have i386 support way into a future where 32bits machines will be a thing of a distant past...we'll probably be using Qubits. :shocked:
Like I even threw my 286 machine (it ran Minix) away after the power unit coils gave up..... and who remembers 16bits?

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Did you both check here:


It doesn't go before Debian 9.

@Thanatermesis You're smarter at compiling n stuff than me, do you have any idea on how we would compile Palemoon? There's still an option for 32-bit in the configuration for the compilation.

Hello, I'm new here. @Thanatermesis asked me to suggest some browsers for the Stable version of Elive and then suggested I bump this topic and share some suggestions.
Please note that I haven't tried the Stable version of Elive or Elive itself in more than 10 years but I'm eager to give it a try on my second computer so I can't guarantee that the options will work. Also, I find it difficult to suggest anything specific unless we know what services, extensions and websites one would access on a daily basis. Some of them will not work on anything other than a browser based on Chrome or Firefox and, in that case, there isn't much to choose from. :smiley:
But, perhaps, you'll find something that will fit your use cases below. :slight_smile:
Since I wasn't sure if there was any justification in getting new builds of Chromium to compile on Elive based on Wheezy, I didn't mention it and thought about the lightweight options that might be easier to build on a less modern system. From the top of my head, Otter Browser, Falkon, qutebrowser could be useful to some users, though the latter seems to be moving to QtWebEngine and doesn't recommend to rely on QtWebKit anymore.
Midori used to be a very lightweight backup browser, but it's now being developed by some foundation that moved it to Electron so it's not as lightweight as it used to be. If Elive can use the version in Debian Stretch, it might be useful to some.
Maybe something very minimalistic like Badwolf could work as well?
I would add links to all of them, however, it seems I don't currently have permission to do so.

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For those who wants a :cheerleader: modern browser in Elive 3.0.x :cheerleader: you can use this howto which tells you how to install almost any updated software in any distro.

I just tested Netsurf and it works good, so:

  • netsurf: the lightest option pretty useful
  • palemoon: and old fork of firefox, consumes more resources for these old machines but includes some improvements
  • firefox: the most updated option if you need that (but again, even more resources)
  • chromium: seems like it doesn't compile anymore on 32bit systems

Note that netsurf is pretty fast to compile, but if you want to install firefox prepare yourself to leave the computer compiling during a long time :slight_smile:



Palemoon (firefox lightweight fork):

Can we get an ISO update? :thinking:

Nah, I don't want to risk to do that, it can have many elive improvements but will for sure also introduce a good amount of new bugs and/or things to fix, this mean spending a lot of time in that which is not worth because:

  • its based in wheezy (nobody would use or want to use that)
  • kernel is very old, so very old drivers too, same for xorg, graphic cards, etc..
  • that version is not and cannot be 64 bits
  • no gpt, secureboot, uefi etc.. support

but yeah could be nice to have an update, on the other hand we can actually use updated browsers :slight_smile:

but as said, is better to spend this time in developing the new enlightenment instead than investing time in the old stable

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