More recent version of Thunderbird

I often have for work to past an image in the body of an eMail.
that is not possible with the actual version of Thunderbird 52.8 32 bits

What is the easiest way for me to validate what is the most recent version I could install on Elive ?


I don’t know if I get your question right. You want to build your own Thunderbird, and you need to know what is possible?

I would start at

Here you’ll get the Debian related decencies:
Just look at ‘oldstable’, ‘stable’, ‘testing’ and ‘sid’. What is matching the versions in Elive.
And If you are between two versions, Also check the ‘backports’ of the latest Version that is working.

Of course the other way around should be better, to take a look at he decencies of each version at Mozilla. But I am not familiar with their way of documentation,.
Plus, you could just get the Debian Source-Package (see right pane) and start to build it.

tks @LupusE

Nope just want to use the most recent version I can use on Elive.

I suppose the normal way debian and ELive updates works, If there was one more recent, I would know running apug…