Moving (Send) App Window to the next Virtual Desktop

I know through the pager we can move Window to the desired Virtual Desktop

Is there a way to do it fast with some shortcut/command ? (unless it's more recent versions of E allowing it ?)

You just grab the top of the window and drag it to the left or down so that more than half is 'over the edge'.
It'll 'jump' to the next desktop/workspace.

Having a shortcut key to do that is asking for trouble .... i.e you have to be sure the right app window is actually active when you hit the key. What could possibly go wrong? :rofl2:

BTW, you should watch the Welcome video.

I know how to move a window with the mouse, pager etc tks though I did watched the video :wink: COol, I liked it, good idea...

2nd tough, I strongly think now, that it's not with Elive, but Ubuntu or some other distro I was sending an App Window to the other Virtual Desktop (workspace...) Quick and fast...

Somewhere in the back of my mind I've also got a 'move to next desktop' option when right clicking ..... I don't really remember where I've seen it. :thinking:

I'm rusted in E versions but I think, it was in E23 (if it does exist LOL)

MOre recent version of Enlightenment had, I think, lot more commands like this one... It's may be in E(something more recent ) I used those command

Found it ..... it's in keybindings.

ok I will play with the 1 0 section, to move it down or up ( not left or right)


Use the e16keyedit and change to 'wop * area move 0 1' for down and '0 -1' for up

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