My experience with 3.8.30

Looks like the 6.2 kernel has reached EOL already.

I'm concerned that the newer kernels (6.3 and 6.4), are using a lot of new experimental features that need time to mature.

The kernel 6.1 is now well supported in Elive, so that will do for now for me. I still use Linux-6.2.1kernel, as it has not got to much experimental code in it. The 6.2.1 also runs perfectly on my computer but I might as well stick with what Elive has to offer. So here goes a kernel downgrade for me (6.1.20).

@linux23dragon I suggest you to reinstall using the last build of elive (you can found a torrent of it here Elive Retro (Work in Progress) - #52 by Thanatermesis ) , this version includes many fixes and improvements, so there you can pick the included kernel 6.1 and do an "upgrade-mode" installation which keeps your users and files, if you don't like the "special designs" of this version you have the option on the installer to switch back to the default ones

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