My experience with 3.8.30

I've just gotten myself a new AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT video card and tested it out on a new installation of Elive 3.8.30.

I also installed Enlightenment and fell in love with it, after I gotten a new background picture.

I can play all my games on Steam like Doom Eternal and Quake (I get 60 FPS. With maximum resolution, because my monitor is limited to 60 FPS at that high resolution) . I Also can play all my CD's and MP3 music too.

WiFi works well and been internet shopping and watching Youtube videos. I can do lots more on Elive. Lots of fun to have.

All I do is use my computer, because Elive just works. Boots fast too.... and I have a UEFI system that tends to run slow on POST, or something.

Here is a screenshot of my Desktop.

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I found a official enlightenment themes webpage that also has backgrounds at

I have installed the bling theme as you can see on the attachment below, and it compltes my desktop setup.:-

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that sounds like a good slogan / sentence for the website "linux that just works" :slight_smile:

I see from your screenshots that you are using the new Enlightenment, that's good! :slight_smile: the development of Elive will start on the new Enlightenment after the next release (special version Elive RewtroWave)

Hah bling theme :slight_smile: gives memories...

Yea, they still have the Bling theme on the official extra Enlightenment web site.

I just updated the kernel to 5.19.11. It works well indeeed.......