My new config (E16 )

Top left corner ( iconified Apps + Cairo + system tray from elive)

Cairo dock at the bottom in the midle



Ummm ...... how's RAM usage with 3 instances of cairo-dock running ?
Looks great though. :smiley14:

And ...... Does your pager keep its size after multiple logins ?
Mine doesn't, I have to resize it again after a while. :face_with_head_bandage:

I do not " multiple login"...
I lock my station but never log out

as for RAM

is this the info you want ?

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Which Pager ? Eligh... pager or Cairo ?

I used Elightnement Pager

Ah, I see. Anyway I meant the E16 pager.
And as to RAM just the output of "free -h" will do. :smile_cat:

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but I have a bunch of apps opened...

7.8G is a hell of a lot of RAM to be in use. More than my current machine has got :thinking:

free -h
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 7.7Gi 1.8Gi 2.2Gi 377Mi 3.7Gi 5.3Gi
Swap: 14Gi 9.0Mi 14Gi

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yep but I suppose you want me to run the command with all Apps closed ?
This pC is my Desktop, i7, 16 GB Ram, SSD drive...


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No doesn't really matter but I'd be interested to know, what the big RAM hog is on your machine.
Wouldn't be surprised if it's all your cairo-dock instances put together.

I closed as many things as I could :


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So, what was the RAM hog ?
I mean that's almost 6G difference. :thinking:

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I may have a memory leak in some app ! LOL with let you know when I find out.

Just moved the top Cairo Dock to the bottom...
Feel more natural...

Windows vibes?
Nice configuration though.

I ended up having the simplest desktop possible. I honestly love it like this. Also, i have a really simple way of using multiple desktops so i do not need the pager (is the right name?) thing to see in which one i am in (like i always open certain types of apps in certain desktops, and desktops with common border are always related in someway).

i get this ram usage with firefox open (2 hd video opens on two youtube tabs, elive forum and math formulas in other 2 tabs), rhytmbox and libreoffice.

What is Yoda doing on discord? Recruiting some younglings?
Spoiler: don't let Anakin get close to them

Some private group talking about TESLA are using Discord....

I think that tool is more known for gamers ?


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I had to google : younglings I knew about Padawans but not younglings

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Same to me, I still have to get used to it.
Actually the pager is a main component of E
It is another way how to manage several screens/ windows/desktops - very smart solution, especially if you have to work with lots of open windows at the same time, like programmers or artists does.
Using E means also learning something new and different in comparison to other common Desktop Environments - to be honest -
personally for me - the learning curve is a bit high, because I always fall back into my used way (25 years +) to deal with the desktop.
But it's not working on E, no.
Get me right:
I am not criticize, I confess.
Dealing with E is like the last real adventure, may be comparable with sailing transatlantic.....

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if im not wrong is all a single instance, the thing that makes it consume more ram is the adding more gadgets

that's because you are using multiple screens or changing resolutions? :thinking:

No, because I'm using/placing the pager like in E17 or E23.
Nothing I've tried let's it keep it's size, not on my laptop nor on my's pushed her over to E23 now. :smiley: