Need imagemagick

Imagemagick is installed but I cannot open it, while pooking around I found brasaro but not imagemagick, tried to run it from command line but no luck.How do I open imagemagick?

Actually I just need to write a bootable iso to usb don’t care which burner I use but imagemagick shows to be installed, I cannot find it though nor can I start it from the command line. I must be overlooking something simple, simple is usually what kills me.

Hi Tommy,
Imagemagick is a cmd Image (picture) manipulation Tool. Mostly known as visible result is the command ‘display’. But you will never be able to see an image (CD/DVD/BD copy).

In most cases you’ll need ‘dd’, to copy an image (CD/DVD/BD copy) to a USB Stick. Sometimes this won’t work (for bootable), but most times the project itself write in the documentation what and how to use.

Yes sorry I realize my error, what I need is Image-Writer, or Etcher to burn iso to usb but cannot find those files in synaptic.

Tried to sudo apt-get install still no luck.

How do I burn .iso to usb with having to “dd”, really don’t remember how to do that.

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