Need to re-create top dock

Lost top dock want to re-create as it was , is it possible?


Everything is possible :slight_smile:

Which one exactly, the minimizer ? yes I think you can do that from the enlightenment options (right/middle/left click in the desktop)

Also as an alternative you can try the option to "restart desktop configurations" from your applications menu (warning: it will crash your desktop creating a new desktop conf, but will include possible updated confs too so is not a bad thing)

I mean the top bar. I think it is a customised cairo-dock as in the following image:

but the top left icon is an elive icon :wink:

Oh yes, that's cairo-dock, and a nice setting :slight_smile:

mmh you should be able to configure that icon, otherwise kill cairo-dock and edit the configuration files and try to change the logo manually:

.config/cairo-dock ❯❯❯ ack logo-elive

18-#g+[Default] Image filename:

All done and dusted :wink: Thanks :wink: