Network printer installation

I am trying to install a network printer in my home Lexmark MX310 and I can see the printer and install it from Ubuntu linux but for some reason I am not able to from Elive 3.0. I even see the drivers for it in the system from the printer setup/configure but still does not want to install.

@Thanatermesis this one is for you :slight_smile:

Just did a test with my HP Officejet Pro 8600 and it worked LOL
Never tried to print on it since running Elive as my main OS…

HOw hold in years approx, is your printer ? I am curious
@Thanatermesis is in and out for a day or too but should be able to answer soon… Limited Internet access / off the grid a bit

Elive 3.0 includes MANY printer drivers by default, uninstalled if the user wants to (installer fine-tuning step), however there’s other many drivers that needs to be installed manually from the drivers website on internet if there’s not, maybe following howtos on internet for that model too

By other side printing over network is a different thing, i never tried to configure a printer over network so I cannot help much, but the option is available in the printer configurator included in Elive, just click in add a new printer and select network printer

My suggestion is to play with the settings until it works, not sure if you need something extra (like installing an extra package or change a system’s configuration), but if is the case please inform me so I can include the correct configuration in Elive by default. To know it better just follow a “how to configure network printer in debian” or “linux configure network printer system-config-printer” over internet, so the tool used in Elive is called system-config-printer

ok oops
My HP Officejet Pro 8600 was connected over USB and working well and detected automatically by Elive

I deleted it, tried to reinstall it over the network, it see the printer but can’t add it
I tried to install it back in USB and could not…

Rebooted and it was installed automatically when logging in…

When I have time I will record my screen to show you exactly what happen.

how can we restart the Printer discover process that elive does at the startup ? So the autodiscovery that elive is doing, can be done within the OS

Here it is

  1. We see the printer is detected properly at boot ( USB)
  2. I delete it
  3. I can’t add it back in USB neither as a network printer
    4 If AI reboot, it will be added back properly as a USB Printer
    Dropbox - Elive Printer Config.mkv

I had to use web browser: localhost:631
From there, filled in network printer specifics…the network printer address / port # and make and model of printer then saved info. Once done, the printer was automatically populated into Elive system. I them made it my system default. I did a test print and it worked.

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I never had to do this with any other linux distribution before. I know its not your fault and not a bug…its just Debian that likes the printer to be configured this way. Ubuntu linux distros don’t need confirming this way, all you do is click on printer config icon and it identifies your printer very quickly. No need to fuss with web config page.

for me, ELive see the network printer without any problem, no special web configuration needed
Though I still have to make it work LOL as the video above show

Yeah this is the default configurator of Debian for printers since more than 15 years ago, seems that it works very good

Maybe Elive should have a second printer configurator in the Applications menu that will point to this configurator, called something like this?

Print Settings (Network printers)

Hum… suggestions?

I like your suggestion. However, if I am the only one having trouble with identifying my printers connected to my network at home then it would not be a popular request worth your efforts to make the change in Elive 3.0

I am happy I was able to print using Elive :o)…if that is how I have to make my network printer to print for me then so be it.

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I remember some long time ago where I needed to use this configurator too for something which i dont remember (maybe was the same thing)

The thing is to make the system more reliable / stable / useful ( at the cost of a second printer configurator entry, so less UX )

Can you describe how you needed to use your printer to see if @jfbourdeau had the same setup?

My network printers connect thru my Mac Airport Time Capsule network which is no problem with Windows, MAC or other Linux systems. Normally the printer configuration program in most Linux OS systems just scans and finds the network printers in 20 seconds or less. I have the Lexmark MX310 connected to Mac Airport Express router and I have a Samsung C410 wireless color laser printer itself connects wirelessly to the Airport Capsule.

I will follow this thread as I can use my printer using USB but not network too.