New Dell battery detection and Elive

Swapped out my old aging Dell batteries for new one original ones on both laptops without windows. Inxi -Fxz detects the battery and reports they are being charged . Alas the batteries do not get charged even after 6 hours on direct power.

I know Dell implants a chip in their batteries and the chargers for protecting their hardware against unathorised copies. So fake after market copies of either will not work but always this is checked and enforced with M$Windows. I do not know whether linux or Elive also interacts with this battery and Charger microchips for authenticity.

Any one know how to check this ? Or Verify that Elive doesnot fry the new accessories?

try using -- from the menu: "utility" -> "power statistics".

It has a nice "history" tab that could shed some light on what's going on.
Trouble is the power/loading units on the motherboard can get weird sometimes, especially after there's been a short circuit or worse: a polarity change.

That's all done at firmware level, the OS only passes on the message, i.e normally your batteries will also charge when the machine is turned OFF or only in BIOS/Firmware mode.
So Elive will not fry your batteries ..... it doesn't have access to the hardware, to do so.

Did a Bios Diagnostics turns out the battery is bad despite being brand New. Returning it to dealer ASAP

I'm not surprised .... happens a lot and it's always off-putting as you expect new stuff to simply work.