New dvd-rom download today won't boot

The machine is an IBM T40. Installed Ubuntu on he but it's too slow. Thought I'try live. Burned the dvd-rom and "booted" from it. After a very long time (10 minutes) Ubuntu booted. That's all I know. An antiX cd started booting in about 10 Sec.

Also this message compose page is severely challenged but it won't let me link an image. Pretty lame. .

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm sorry but this the Elive forum, for Ubuntu stuff you need to be on their forum.
Elive Stable will run just fine on a T40. If it's got it's max of 2G RAM installed it'ĺl run amazingly fast. :smiley14:

As to the forum, after a short time of forum usage, you'll be able to link(better) or upload files ... there are certain builtin safeguards against spam and harassment when someone connects for a first time.

Ubuntu forums:

And yeah, as @triantares said, you'll need to read a bunch of posts to be able to add links.

Adding to that - the beta would also be great, but it's a little less polished.

I think you misunderstood my problem. i recently installed ubuntu on the T40. It's way too slow. Nevertheless, the hard drive contains a bootable ubuntu system.

I the burned an Elive 3.0.6 dvd and inserted the dvd into the T40.
The, as it was starting I pressed F12 and selected boot from CD.
Then approximately 10 minutes passed during with time there was disk activity (don't know which disks.)

The, I presume the CD boot timed out and the T40 started the linux installed on the HD.

So, the question is, why won't thhe dvd boot in the T40?


Hard to guess without more information. :face_with_head_bandage:

For a plethora of reasons,

  1. Did you checksum the download?
  2. Did you checksum the burned DVD?
  3. Did you use the .iso i,e not the .img file?
  4. Did you read the instructions on Elive 3.0 Stable - Download ?

Try, if possible to boot another machine with the DVD to test it.
In general, most people have no problems with the DVD .iso and it has been around for a very long time.
So be prepared to find out that the cause of the problem very probably resides on your end.

Also, it could be the disc. try a different disc.

If all else fails, you could try booting through USB with a CD with this guide:

Thanks, I'll try it. However, the dvd boots ok on other machines and other disc boot ok on the T40.

it is strange that the stable version of elive from dvd boots so slow and not antix, how much ram has this machine? should be not the case at all if has more than 500mb

the other issue was that the dvd would eventually give up and boot the loaded os on the hard disk