New Elive website (server) tests

I’m doing some tests in a “sandboxed” environment, before the real switch,

Unfortunately I think that it will be not possible to use a powerful cache system that we have actually in the old website (varnish) because it doesn’t works with SSL (httpS) and to make it work is possible but aparently leads to multiple issues

So instead, I’m testing with simple caching systems, following the instructions of the template for the best performances

The results looks pretty good, the website loads pretty fast, but I would like a sincere comparison between these two websites, how it is the “fast” experience with these websites?

Tests should be done everytime from ‘incognito’ sessions, which everytime opened new is like a real new visit (no contents cached / saved in the browser)

Mentions: @jfbourdeau, @grottem

Link does not work for me
Get me to some other web site or the platform you are using

yes it is a different content :), im using DEMO contents from the template, just to simulate a normal website bloated of elements

The new one, est is FAST / snappy for me
Tried in an incognito window with a fast 100 Mbps link

It is more than enough

Mmmh… im not much convinced, maybe the site feels that it loads fast but testing the “full load time” of the main page takes between 10 and 20 seconds, hurm…

I will do more tests with plugins and cache systems

take2-3 seconds for me to load the home page

On a new incognito browser?

Yes will try again
You can also try this Website Speed Test | Uptrends

Just tried it again
Around 3 seconds from Desktop ( fast PC with SSD with 100 Mbps link )

Mmmh, sounds good, I will use this conf then, I tried to use back varnish but after (maybe successful) tests doesn’t seems like to be worth

2 days of deep work was needed to finish to set up the optimizations & caches for the new website of elive

now, this is the fastest version on which you can experience the website of elive running :slight_smile:


New surprise included in the homepage

Really cool :slight_smile: :nod: