New Website contents

The new website is actually not finished, but it has the main important things:

  • a homepage showing the elive characteristics
  • the downloads page to download elive
  • the donations page to support the project

These pages can be for sure improved and the work is not finished, but I’m more concerned right now about which contents should include the website

Looking at the old website in I see a lot of contents not worth to be included and can be ignored

Fortunately with the new template is not a so painful task to write pages, and they can be beautiful, starting from brainstorming the contents that should be included and how they should be visually distributed

So, which contents you consider that are important that the new website should have?

Write them here: Sandstorm

a Picture of Elive section ? Whe we show what makes Elive special ? (need to find a short name)

Screen captures and text descriptions(explanation) showing the WOW features hidden under the hood ?

So that even “before trying” / installing Elive, people could have a glimpse of those 10 or 20 or 30 cool Elive tweaks you did ? I know they are more but to highlight the most usefull / cool ones ?


yes, that is what the actual “characteristics” (lots of texts) are meant for, but i know, it lacks more animated and visual things

Can you make a list of all these WOW’s? I have already some notes, good to know more, specially from the end-users point of view, from a good list then they can be created :slight_smile:

LEt’s create a working document here somewhere, is it a Wiki type of post we need to createw ? SO we all add what we find different / cool about Elive ?


Let’s use this then: Sandstorm

Which is good because:

  • multiple users can edit at the same time
  • it has a history and revisions, easy to switch from/to them
  • easy to know who edited what
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I just put some ideas… Will check for my typos later…

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What about the new concept for the download beta page (donation/delayed mode) ?

Designs can be improved, this is the concept for now, more clear and simple, do we need more info than that?

What about "this is my only way..." ? is the word "my" instead of "this is the only way" better ? (giving more desire to donate)

Note: there's two types of download-beta pages, the one with the direct downloads and the one with the delayed ones, depending of the donation needs one or other will be used