Nik Collection for GIMP v2.10+ & v2.99+

This Plugin was my favourite when I was using photoshop. Its unique and incredibly versatile. I just discovered there is a version for Linux using Gimp. Im going to attempt to install it tomorrow. No doubt I will mess it up and need help. Any tips before I get started.

Make sure you have 'wine' installed as the plugin requires it, to install and work.
Also be aware that the github collection which I suspect you're referring to is a few years old and might throw errors on Bookworm.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Thanks. I will keep you informed of progress

First hurdle. It appears I dont have wine or I cant access it or something.

It appears it is installed but I cant access it for some reason

ok. I uninstalled it. Then reinstalled it and I got this message again for thr second time.

There are 2 hurdles there (or maybe none)

  1. the "nik collection" requires a 64 bit OS, if you've still got 32bits it might be wise to upgrade.


  1. You should just install 'wine" which will get the correct version for your installation. That would be either wine64 or wine32 (note there is no space after wine). If specifically wine32 is needed, use:
    apui wine32

The commandline you wrote there looks for 2 packages i.e "wine" and "32", where the latter indeed does not exist.

On elive, I would resort to using "apui" instead of "apt-get install" because that would first update your repositories before getting the demanded package. In your case that would be:
apui wine. A "sudo" prefix wont be needed .... if elevated are required, the command will ask for the password.

To find out if and what version of wine is installed do:
dpl | grep wine

Which will give an output similar to this, also showing what you have there. (I've got 64bits)

To do a search on availability of packages use "apse package-name" which is actually an alias for "apt-cache search"

I tested "wine" on my 4bit machine and although "wine" throws an error about missing 'wine32', it simply works as it should.
As can be seen in the screenshot:

Installing 'wine32' actually breaks 'wine' execution. :frowning:
I'm wondering if this is an Elive bug. @Thanatermesis

It appears wine is installed but it just gives the same message as you. It says I should install it. Ive been trying for a year now to install wine I have never succeeded. After days of trying everything I give up. Then in desperation I try again.

so what was the "dpl |grep wine" output?

and what happens if you use "wine explorer.exe" like in my example?
and the output of "uname -a"

Well you could've just paste the output:

  1. select the wanted text in the terminal with the mouse.
  2. middle click on the selection (or right-click and copy)
  3. middle click where you want ti copied to, (or right-click and paste)


  • first screen shows that you have a 64bit OS running that's good.
  • second shot shows 'explorer' running ... so 'wine' is installed and running.
  • third shot tells you that you need 'sudo' privileges for "apt-get install" but ..... will (if you do use it) also tell you that 'wine32:i386' does exist. Don't add the ":i386" there and preferably use 'apui wine32' if at all.
    *This istalling wine32 will probably render wine useless but you can try. If running 'wine explorer.exe' doesn't work, remove the package with 'apr wine32' and try installing 'wine64'

All in all, I think you need to see about upgrading, considering I'm running 'wine-8.0' . Is this still Buster?

I have wine 64 working. A result. Now to do the other bit. The Nik software

In the new versions, when you try to install a .exe file, elive installs wine in a correct way (including 32bit, some configurations, etc)

If you are able to install it and this gimp plugin requires wine, sounds like can be good to make a small howto about how to install it :slight_smile:

I shall do my best but I am struggling. Im taking a break tonight I shall try again tomorrow. I am absolutely clueless with linux and not getting any better.

Ive spent 20 hours getting wine onto my computer but I still haven't worked out how to use wine. I havent managed to run anything on it yet. I simply dont know what Im doing. So I need a break till tomorrow.

I did notice some strangeness:
On a reasonably fresh install, wine is there but doesn't have the required libraries.
When running "wine explorer.exe" the installer installs the required packages/libraries and opens 'winetasks' (from cairo-dock) and acts a bit strange with certain popups not going away. After that, 'wine' is broken. :astonished:

I haven't fully checked or kept notes but something was off there. :frowning:
I'll try again soon on a new, fresh install with a running vokoscreen tomorrow.

AS for @Rory , looks like older (especially Ubuntu) software is falling over 'winepath'. :slightly_frowning_face:

Its probably a good time to explain how important Nik Collection is to Professional Photographers. It was created as a plug in for Lightroom in Mac and Windows. Its unique. Nothing else can do the same job especially in Black and White. It imitates almost to perfection hand printing in the darkroom. It was perfected and the developers sold it to Google who refunded all of us who had paid for it and they made it available free. It wasn't cheap. It was never developed further but still remains unique. Recently it was bought from google and its being redeveloped and the updated version is for sale again. Someone has created a stand alone version that can be used through Gimp in Ubuntu using wine. I have just reopened my photographic studio and I need Nik Collection to work. So either I get it working on Elive or I buy a Mac. Im sure if it can be made to work on Elive it would attract people from other Linux options because Nik Collection is vital for any top pro or amature looking for software which cant be got anywhere else.