Nvidia driver updates for Elive Beta 3.8.7 64bit

When will the latest Nvidia drivers legacy be updated?

Elive 3.8.7 64bit beta has kernel compatibility issues with the standard Nvidia drivers legacy 390 supplied on disk.

I run a Dell xps l502x, and has two graphics cards with optimus.

Found out this info found on Nvidia web site.

Version: 390.132
Release Date: 2019.11.8
Operating System: Linux 64-bit
Language: English (US)
File Size: 79.06 MB
Fixed kernel module build problems with Linux kernel 5.4.0 release candidates.
Updated nvidia-bug-report.sh to collect information about X server crashes from coredumpctl, when available.
Updated the nvidia-drm kernel module for compatibility with the removal of the DRIVER_PRIME flag in recent Linux kernel versions.
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yes @linux23dragon, seems like this version 390 version doesn't compile well in the new 5.4 kernel, BUT you have tried to compile it with the other provided kernel on the iso? (4.19)? if im not wrong it compiles good on this one

The update is unknown, because it actually depends on when they are updated from the buster-backports branch, before we used them directly from the sid branch (much newer) but seems like it recently included dependency breakages (depending of packages that are not avaialble on buster), thats why was needed the switch

if the other kernel is not a solution, plese check the howto, I updated instructions to use the last kernels manually from the official drivers

Nvidia Kernel driver for 64bit version of eLive installs fine due to upgrading the nvidia driver.

What is interesting is that Linux Mint has found a way to change to Nvidia performance and intel performance. I read about it on Linuxtoday web site.

here is the link Linux Mint 20 Promises Improved Support for NVIDIA Optimus - 9to5Linux