NVIDIA Drivers - Graphic render

Good morning everyone,

I’m very new to ELIVE, I installed it yesterday. It’s not my first Linux and not my first with graphic drivers problem, but this time I can’t fix it.

When installing in live USB, it asked me to choose for drivers. Suggested was ‘current’, I picked them. I got an error message telling me at the end that something like ‘NVIDIA_current’ failed to load/wasn’t found (I can’t remember exactly, my bad).
But it started ! And the system seems to work. But the graphical quality… My god… It’s approximately the good size, but the render is horrible.

I tried to follow the Nvidia x Linux tutorials I found but nothing seems appropriate…

Did some of you had this problem also, or in the past? Is it easy to fix, and I just don’t know where to search?

Thanks, have a good day and greetings for France !

Seems like you had problems using the driver, which is strange because I tested that it works (current named), but maybe your card was not accepted by it

My suggestion is to wait the next version of Elive which will include newer and updated drivers, pretty stable too !

Dear Thanatermesis, All,

I have used elive 1.0 , yeah ! a long time ago and it works even today on an Q45 samsung laptop,

But I spend much time this weekend to install 3.03 version on my PC M5A 97 asus with an MSI 1050 TI AERO graphic card… which is partially recognised, but not with accelerated mode.

Even by trying to install NVIDIA-Linux-x86-390.87.run, under live_boot command line mode as root, it is still not recognised :frowning:

Could you please give me some tips, command or script to allow my MSI graphic card to work with your superb Elive ?

Many thanks,

All the best,


Hi @Archimedes

Thanks for your beautiful words :slight_smile:

As a first suggestion, you should try to boot with the “nox11autologin” boot parameter, which will boot without graphical system first,

Then, if im not wrong there’s the linux headers installed by default, which should allow you to install the nvidia drivers, by other side i have not played with the .run installers since years so I don’t know how they will be

By other side, is this a newer nvidia card / computer? if so, you may have better luck by waiting the next elive beta version (which im working on it and should not take much time, I have already tested the nvidia drivers & installers on my live tests!)