NVIDIA Drivers - Graphic render


Good morning everyone,

I’m very new to ELIVE, I installed it yesterday. It’s not my first Linux and not my first with graphic drivers problem, but this time I can’t fix it.

When installing in live USB, it asked me to choose for drivers. Suggested was ‘current’, I picked them. I got an error message telling me at the end that something like ‘NVIDIA_current’ failed to load/wasn’t found (I can’t remember exactly, my bad).
But it started ! And the system seems to work. But the graphical quality… My god… It’s approximately the good size, but the render is horrible.

I tried to follow the Nvidia x Linux tutorials I found but nothing seems appropriate…

Did some of you had this problem also, or in the past? Is it easy to fix, and I just don’t know where to search?

Thanks, have a good day and greetings for France !