Ok this is getting out of hand (look at screenshot)

You cannot tell me that a FULL-BLOWN DE is taking up 55 MB OF RAM. (Right now 33.8MB)

This is epic.


am not convinced that I would call E a full blown up DE,
but in any case - that's cool ( if this measurement is correct {?} )

Heheh, in the same situation E16 only uses about 14.9 Mb.
But there's more running to have all the fun we're used to. :magick:

I seem to be "out of sync" with others every time I switch DE for long term use ..... I am on E16 again since I wanted to make/mod it be "modern", whatever that may be. :nod:

Methinks there is nothing wrong on that.
Why not E16 then?
Prolly we are the only ones using it in a serious way, ya? No ?


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And now you have tell my PC with 64GB of RAM -
what to do with the rest of the daytime.....


Umm, run Catalina (and Leopard) in Vbox? :hot:

Normally I use Vbox fullscreen but made it smaller to show off...and I've only got 8G RAM. :shocked:

Sheesh, I started off with a whopping 35Mb hard drive on my PC running Win3.1 ..... my first PC with a GUI. :shocked:


Yep, that's sweet.
(Leopard is useless, though)

dont even try to install big sur. its download is 13GB and it needs an additional 35GB during installation ... not great.


I use it daily and love it.

Apart from the frequent crashes.

true, but just goes to show how little a minimal install could be. why, we could realistically have a 100MB system - it'd just be garbage.

There's a GUI system to checkout that's really minimal: Mulinux.
It's really old but sometimes I still run it on very old hardware, just for the fun of it. :madness:


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is the measurement correct? thank you

Well it's correct for the RAM usage of the desktop environment, but like triantares said, there's a lot more running than that. cough cough systemd :nod:

With my current minmal settings using tint2 I got E16 down to 10.5 Mb. :happy_dance:

You are the true master of e16. :madness:

I do not understand why the installation should be restricted?

What do you mean? Your quote is too broad.

Well for one:
The size for an install shouldn't be bigger than a a standard data DVD i.e 4.7Gb especially considering that dual layered DVDs never broke through.

I'll give that a lot of us probably install through flashdrives but there are still many machines which are only DVD bootable and not USB.
In time maybe Elive should also offer a minimal net-instal option allowing installers to download/install/upgrade exactly what they want. Nothing new there: Debian has had that option for ages. :nod:

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Yeah, we could use a very stripped down version of elive installer, install the base system, then finish installing from hard drive*. Or even do the install directly.

*That's what Windwos used to use. I'm not feeling so sure about that idea anymore. Especially since we could just do the install directly, not sure what I was thinking.