Old Topaz 2.0 repositories


Unable to do update from the old repositories even after used the fix script that was on the Elive webpage to fix repositories. Key expired.



Hi @Elivish, thanks for reporting the issue, I will check that

Note: I have created a new “special versions” category in the forums and this post (like others) has been moved to it :slight_smile:

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Repositories of Elive survived from hosting policies

You can edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list and comment the ftp.es.debian.org line on which the squeezy repository is not available anymore (the others are, so you can use apt-get for every of these things)

About the gpg thing, the keys are expired, but you should be able to use it without problems ignoring it, I think that you can add a conf in /etc/apt.conf.d/ but i don’t found it



Ok. Could it be possible to get here a list of working sources and I could add them to sources list if they are not there? And what about using backports from debian? I’m thinking of hoping to find a working light as updated browser as possible, maybe midori and dillo.



Sadly I don’t think that you could use an updated browser, and in any case if you do it it will bloat entirely your low resouces



You can have the repositories of debian working back changing the urls for debian (2º and 4º repo lines) to:


Then you will have the squeeze and lenny repos of debian working back, the Elive ones are fine since they are hosted by Elive

About the GPG error messages, you can just ignore them, or if you know the apt setting to add to ignore this check post it here :slight_smile: