Old Unknown Features: Paralel reality (10 years ago)

This is a feature Elive had 10 years ago:

This feature allowed you to do a "split" in your system continuing in somewhat like a paralel dimension, in other words, everything you made on it only existed in a paralel "same" system, very useful for security, for play installing apps, or to do dangerous experiments...

When you finished, you come back to your "real system" and nothing that happened exists in your system, but you had access to the modifications made before to delete definitively them, in case you wanted to analyze them or getting anything from it

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so what else can happen one would might come back and the system is gone [sorry aussie humour]
could be handy.

well, yes and no, they are still available here:

Which are really nice to install in very-very-old computers :slight_smile:

Some features still exist, some others could be imported back, and some few others cannot

my god thats incredible most people delete theit old builds you still have yours,I will put one on a disk and see if I can get it to work
Thanks for that
so I guess you are saying it wont work on any of my modern computers!

Maybe there's no seeds in the torrents, but I always had them saved in my computer in order to be able to still have the torrent working (but i don't have it running 99% of the time), not sure if actually we have more people sharing the seeds, but if doesn't works at all just tell me and I will run it :slight_smile:

yeah the drivers are very old, but in any case stills woking on the old-old computers from the era which have been made, and they are also extremely light on resources (even browsers!)

ok I will download topaz and burn it to dvd and see if it work
I am downloading topaz be finished in a few minutes

I've got seeds but after a while I stopped seeding 'cause no-one torrented.

And on Virtualbox they run fine. :happybounce:

its that long since I used my dvd drive its playing games are those iso about 700 mb

A little less than that. They were made in an era where CD-drives were the thing ..... being "slightly" more practical than a pile of floppy disks. :rofl:

You wont believe the hoops I had to jump through to get them working with a parrallel port (2 speed) CD drive.

I'm currently going to try some old versions on a pentium mmx. Because why not.

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@Thanatermesis So i wanted to try 2.0 (on a pentium 4 based machine), 1.0 and 0.5 (on the pentium mmx). THe 2.0 is not a bootable iso, but that's fine. While both the 1.0 and 0.5, when booted from usb, say they cannot access tty (and i get a console with written (initramfs) at the beginning). Is it a known issue? am i not suposed to use the usb to boot them (maybe like react os?)?

All those versions works correctly, but it depends of course of the hardware on which you are using it, make sure that they are old machines :slight_smile:

important none of the versions previously to 3.0 boots from USB if you record them directly, you must use unetbootin for them. Instead, for the new versions like 3.0 or up, you should not use unetbootin, in any case, the correct tool that you must use for each version is detailed on their related download page :slight_smile:

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