OpenVPN / NordVPN using GUI / applet

I am able to use NordVPN using openvpn through the command line

But I would like to use it from the GUI and using Network configuration, make it easier to Click to start or stop it

If anyone of you have experience with lat let me know

In Ubunutu I simply have to import the nordvpn config but in Elive, It is missing the ceriticate.

Found that but I am not there yet / still nor working

I can use openvpn trough the command line but can’t use openvpn through the GUI

  • I import my open vpn config
  • put the user and password
  • import the certificate ( a step not needed when using the command line )

Can someone use any vpn using the GUI ?

At least I don't have to input user and pw anymore :slight_smile:

@Thanatermesis I am able to autostart openvpn but this part / commands do not work.
Comments ?

root /e/init.d ❯❯❯ update-rc.d NordVPN defaults 1
update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing
insserv: script NordVPN is not an executable regular file, skipped

Forget it, I fount it…Had to made the file an executable…

Now nordvpn start at startup and I can stop it or start it by doing this
service yourVpnProvider start
service yourVpnProvider stop

May be one question the the Pros

How can I use ELive Key Binding to launch a command, “sudo service NordVPN stop / start” ?
From the command line, I can enter the password…

But automated from keyboard shortcut, I don’t know how to do it…

first, i suggest you to add the entry to the sudoers configurations in /etc to not ask it about password

but about the question, you can add a “run command” (or similar) from the keybindings

the rest of the question sounds like you may need to create a script, where to get the password from an GUI entry and using it with the command, but much easier, you can use a graphical sudo, like gksu, example:

gksu service something restart

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You mean create a text file like you did for privileges_upgrader ?
Content :

We don’t want to ask for admin password in every security update needed of the system
%sudo ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/elive-upgrader-root

My password file is already ok. I can already do
sudo service NordVPN start
and it’s working

yes :), thats a sudo conf entry

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Going through this thread I was just wondering whether you are still needing all these steps to set up NordVPN.
I followed (running 3.7.6 alpha x64) the setup using the tutorial on the NordVPN website concisely and have the connection working no problema as a normal user (i.e no "sudo" required to connect) from either the commandline using "nordvpn" command and/or from network-manager checking/unchecking the vpn connection.

The tutorial can be found here:

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No I am ok now. BUt tks !

I like your Desktop / how it look

Once we agree on which stone this version is going to be named after (saphire?) I'll put a shining one in the pebble background somewhere. :surprise:


good to know that we can configure vpn without problems with the default internet* configurator provided :slight_smile: - yeah all the probably needed extra packages for it (plugins) are included by default

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