OS and applications comparison


Perhaps a scheme (faster to appreciate than a video), with some common &/or big software, comparing between time and machines, e.g.:

  • Libre office + current average power hardware + winsdhaft 10 (or/& "known Linux")
  • Libre office + current average power hardware (identical to the previous one) + Elive
  • Libre office + "old weak" power hardware + Elive
    matching timings (at launch & functionnal use), CPU/GPU/RAM charge, so in seconds and %s;
  • same with a browser, max tabs, same tabs with contrast harware use;
  • same with, say VLC, on one typical video, max correct accelerated reading, max simultaneous videos able to run well...

Demo of some software needing usually big hardware, but running on light one under Elive...

With in mind to show (insist) more the efficiency, workflow, than the lightness (witch is here, of course)...

EDIT: ps: @Thanatermesis Is the website pre-able to deal with multi languages? (e.g. French, Spanish, Portuguese)


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Hi @Franc, I moved your post to this new thread since it looks more correct as "an idea of specific website to show features / functionalities of elive"

it was in the past, but im not going to work on this anymore (big headache to maintain, better to use google translator today's)

What if there was eltrans for the website lol

But actually, that would be decent. Maybe we could do that once eltrans is fixed...?

you wanna kill me? lol

not going to code something like that not even drunkest ever :runaway:

oh, it is :slight_smile:

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