Pages improved in the Elive website

Since this is the "communication" category, I will post on this thread the pages that I have updated (improved) in the Elive website :slight_smile:

Watch this thread if you are interested about the wording, structure, information / communication, etc of the main website

mentions: @triantares @Rebel450 @yoda @TheTechRobo @IamElive @zbd @LupusE @maxinou @stoppy98 etc..


The page of donations: Elive Donations has been updated, you may not remember how it was before but I changed the position (order) of all the elements, the patreon is less obtrusive and the page a little bit more beautiful, more explained and organized :applause:

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It looks completely different in a good way. Nice job @Thanatermesis!!


yep it's cleaner.

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Another page improved, the beta downloads: Elive - Beta Download

Before the modification, the first thing you have seen was directly the downloads

Following the concept of what originally was on the old websites of elive (sorry, seems to not work since days), first there was the list of new features / improvements / description and THEN after that, the downloads

basically I moved the second row which showed details / features and screenshots, to the first one, and then the downloads to the second row

UX / psychologically speaking, it is a good thing? well, the most important thing is to give the downloads so the user can download, but being so direct can make people feel the system "less worth" (just another os download), instead, by showing first the good things, it will make the users desire more to download, increasing the importance and value of the distro... at which cost? just adding an extra step, the scroll in the page to get the download (which is in fact a common thing everywhere)

Probably lots of people even missed this beautiful details section, not anymore! lol


  • the size of the screenshots has been increased, bigger is better :slight_smile:
  • the e16 description is included twice in 2 different forms, I assume it can be put in a single summarized one in the details
  • there's a small kind of bug in the page where you cannot scroll the page until is fully loaded, maybe caused by the "screenshots sliding effect", but i don't think is a too much important thing, it gives an extra seconds to the user to read / see that section before he can go down :thinking:


  • does the page feels slow to load for you?
  • should be the third row put before the downloads too? (the one with instructions and technical details) - DONE
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I love the new look. It's amazing!

Definitely not, it feels amazing on 3 megabit!