Password Manager

For Work, I use Keepass and Lastpass (the last one is good for websites).
Keepass on Debian/ELive, does not allow me to Copy / paste complex passowrd from keepass to where I want to put it… Usually keepass allow to do that and make the Clipboard expire…

What most of you are you using to manage complex sage password but especially " input them" in an application, terminal, web when needed


i just remember them despite the length, or write them down on a piece of paper until i memorized them and keep it safe (i still trust paper way more than my computer, however i don’t trust it either so i just keep all passwords in my mind ahah)
(i’ve never had a password or a passphrase longer than 30 chars)

I am testing Tusk - Modern KeePass for the browser right now. You’ll need to create a Keepass-Database-File and Tusk is using the file in your browser. It is possible to have more than one credentials for one domain.

I don’t know if this will handle your specific problem, bur I think it is a much easier way to handle Accounts in the browser.