PayPal Donation


Tried to for the first time ever donate to a Linux project. But when I click on the PayPal button I get a message that “This recipient is currently unable to receive money.”

I’m not planning to sign up with any other services since I’ve had my PayPal account for years. But I’d still like to donate since Elive has always been a favorite distro of mine to play with.

Shades :sunglasses:



Than any ideas ?



Thanks @Shades for your support which is crucial for this project :1up::omgomgomg::furrydance:

Unfortunately paypal blocked the account due to verification rules, this makes the entire account unable to be used and also to receive donations (this is a very bad practice from their side IMHO, for just verification purposes)

Also seems like some things changed in paypal and I cannot use also the secondary paypal account temporally

The actual status of the paypal account is: they wants a bank statement to verify the holder (but there’s no bank statements in paper so…?)


Actually the other methods shown in the /donate page can be used too, or also the old gofundme link: Fundraiser by Samuel Flores Baggen : Make Elive 3.0 Real and Cost-Free! , until the verification by paypal is resolved


Good news, the paypal account verification is completed and working back :omgomgomg:


Good to hear! When I get home tonight I will make a donation for the great work.

Shades :sunglasses:


Thanks a ton @Shades to supporting this project! :furrydance: