Perfect install, perfect post-install. 32-bit system (Samsung Netbook) back in the game

I realize that I have had two (minor, but annoying just the same) issues that I brought to the forums on two different machines but I never mentioned reviving an old Samsung netbook with 3.8.34. The netbook belongs to the daughter of the proprietor of a phone and PC repair shop who I often contract for and when he saw me playing with my HP with Elive installed, asked what the benefits of installing it on his daughter's netbook. I explained that it would become a SAFE, speedy and useful machine that she could continue to use if she was willing to work with Linux. The netbook was such vintage that nothing above Windows 7 would run on it (Windows 8 performed very sluggishly on the unit and Windows 10 was not even a thought as it couldn't meet the system requirements).

He agreed and was able to install Elive with no driver issues and found apps that would replace the Windows apps she was using. I will have to reinstall because of an error adding another software store (inquiring into installing other stores and package repositories is going to be another post) but long story short, Elive did as it promised; hope to make an Elive convert/evangelist...


Don't reinstall .... that's a Windows solution. Simply remove the offending repositories and do an "update" afterwards.
I'll walk you through it, if you want to ... but will need more specific info.

Don't reinstall .... that's a Windows solution. Simply remove the offending repositories and do an "update" afterwards.

Done and done. Are there any other package repositories or software stores that can be installed in Elive 3.8.3x? Or is that a topic for another post? The software store in Elive 3.8.32 is soooo slow and often yeilds nothing. The software store on the live cd is very nice. Anyway I can install it?

There is an option to install flatpaks as well as simply look for debian (.deb) packages and let "gdebi" install them.... it will either refuse to install or pull in the correct dependencies for you.
Be aware that in general flatpaks wont support 32 bit, though.

But indeed off-topic here. Maybe create another trhread for that.

The installer asks you which software-manager you want to use, the "bloated and featured" one or the light and fast one, so you have probably the first. You can install the other one with these commands:

apr gnome-software\* apt-config-icons-hidpi packagekit-tools fwupd
apui gnome-packagekit

About other sources of software, I think we have multiple forum threads but not a specific one that resumes all the software options :thinking: I think this should be needed to have as a howto, there's a difference between installing flatpacks, appimages, snaps, etc... nix packages are also pretty nice, and appimages should be pretty compatible