Persistent shortcut

i have installed the live version with the persistent file. It is great, i love the effects and humour (french version is very good)
Well there are some modification that are recorded to the persistent file but there is still some configuration when the load (choose the non proprietary driver, the language, popups at startup).
Is there a shortcut to save the persistent file? is it auto-saving at the session end?
I note that some minor changes should be added, such as the alt+F4 shortcut, the tab tape to change text or button field, a “save persistent” shortcut icon should be present on the menu (or the desktop), and the sound mixer icon should be present (i had to add it in the parameters) at the startup

Thank you, ok let me explain:

Persistence works in a very special way, let me explain, but first: make sure that you are using the last version 3.0.3, that you are using the USB version, and also that you enable persistence from the Elive menu:

  • Drivers installation (like nvidia) are saved in persistence unless that you next boot is in a computer that doesn’t needs this driver (then it is uninstalled from the persistence)
  • Desktop configurations are saved per-hardware (computer ID) profiles, this means that you have a desktop configuration per every different computer, this is made specifically to make everything correctly compatible among different hardwares

In other words, if you follow the “make sure” steps and you boot in the same computer, it should work :slight_smile:

Now, the other topic:

  • Alt + F4 should work (close window), check the hotkeys pdf list too
  • tab to change input fields should work as default too, it doesn’t ?
  • save persistence shortcut is not needed, it is all auto
  • sound mixer is an annoying + non-beautiful gadget to have by default, but it is true that users may don’t know how to change the volume, so hum… this requires an improvement somewhere…

ok. well, if i use the linux live on another computer, i won’t use the persistent file…
But when i’m at home, i don’t want to set the start parameters each time…

As I said, you should not need to do that, it should simply work.

  • do you are using the last version 3.0.3 ?
  • are you using the USB image (not the DVD one) ?
  • have you created persistence from the tool included in Elive (not yourself partitioning etc…) ?