Petition to Promote a senior Member

How the Hell isnt @triantares in the Celebrated Leadership Lounge of Elive Esteemed Gurus.
He has encyclopedic knowledge of Elive sys internals, cordially helpful and is always working to promote Elive. We should vote to promote him to the council of Elders :1up:


That way, if I mess up .... I mess up bad.
Harrumph --- crawling back into my cave now.


I don't know what the council of elders is, but sure - he has my vote.


This forum is run based on a platform called Discourse which allows community participation and awards regular helpful users over time a progressive series of titles or administrative controls over the whole platform as their experience resourcefulness and general mastery of the purpose of the forum grows. Its a kind of trust/integrity reward system from beginner to Expert with the latter have significant moderator/editorial control over the content posted on the forum. See link below

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it definitively sounds good :slight_smile: but what we should do exactly? (im not a discourse pro), one of the good things of discourse is that it does lots of things by itself automatically (on this case, I speculate that the users with good / biggest activity should be automatically turned to this option, maybe others receiving a message for this promotion etc, etc..)

I also just looked at its user permissions and increased the trust level, but nothing more I can do for its user :slight_smile: (already moderator and admin)

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