POLL: which next release?

The last announced release was 29 october 2021, this is 3 months ago, the ideal is a release every month (or 1,5 months more exactly) in order to keep a better activity of news and users, the reason why I was not doing faster releases these months was because the difficulties working on the website that kept some things not fully functional (like the email server), now, I have not finished my server tasks but at least the email system is clean and secure ready to be used again.

What I want to know is "which" version I need to release for the next week/2-weeks, so:

  • A new beta (buster): this is the fastest and reliable option for make "activity" without much effort, while focusing on the development instead of changes, bugs, fixes etc... fast to release and will give direct benefit, also: the last buster version lacked some changes / fixed made recently so I would like to have at least a "last" good version released of buster.
  • Bullseye beta release: even if we have packages ready, this requires some big amount of work and also betatesting, not so possible at the moment
  • Retrowave version: I didn't forgot it, we could release it like a kind of -stable- version (named special-version), this is not suggested at the moment because it needs a much more cleaned email list for the sending (so it will send to the category "stable" which is all the subscribers, the "beta" category includes the actual subscribers and this one is clean) so if I send to the stable category without having them cleaned better before, the server will be ranked as spammer again, very bad!
  • Elive for servers: Another special-version categorized as -stable-, same points as previous ones listed

note that we are not hurrying to release the 2 last -special versions-, is better to release them slowly in a way that will create a better impact (guaranteed receiving of emails for example), this can happen -between- beta releases also

Important: due that the world is becoming in absolute madness and control, I would like to write a newsletter too (first time newsletter) talking about freedom and etc, this will also require the cleaned mailing-list of the stable category (all the subscribed emails), so I mean this newsletter which is not so important could be used as a first-sending test to these emails, and maybe pre-announce the next surprises in order to generate a better impact in the moment of release instead of just fast-announce-and-bye (pre-heat? what was the word for that, @triantares ?)

For me sounds like I should go with the first option while non-stopping to work on the next steps

I agree ..... stick to Buster for now and keep it that until the RetroWave release (also Buster and designated as Stable release).
After that start releasing officilal Bullseye versions....sadly Enlightenment (E25 now) still isn't good enough IMO.

I think, considering the options we might start calling it a release candidate with RetroWave.in mind.

IIRC it was:"stepping up the ante" as in https://forum.elivelinux.org/t/creating-e16-retro
In which thread (as well as many others like https://forum.elivelinux.org/t/garnering-attention-for-elive-how ) we put up:

  1. the best ways/strategies to entice visitors to the Elive website in the first place.
  2. Then keeping them focused there and ultimately download and use Elive.
  3. spread the word about how awesome Elive is ....... which brings us back to point 1.

So not much need to go over those again.... Only have a clear vision on how the word on Elive need spreading. The original Elive version specifically garnered wide attention through magazine publications (and .iso addition to CD/DVD alongside them), which is something that doesn't meaningfully exist any more.

Me beginning to feel like Cato here: "Carthago delenda est"

We really, really, really need to come up with ideas how to garner more attention ...... only the website and mailing lists will NOT do that: Both are built on the prior success and will only diminish over time.


I think we could actually contemplate releasing an experimental Bullseye based customized E25 version, next to the RetroWave release...providing we can iron out the audio peculiarities, as well as conman<->network-manager replacement.
Where we make abundantly clear that that version (with Enlightenment 25 as sole or default DE) is highly experimental (a proof of concept) i.e not even Beta but 'Run at your own risk!'. :shocked:

That way Elive would be in the forefront of bleeding edge distros again. :dance: