Positive review from DistroTube

A geek friend noticed this. Pass along...


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It's actually really good that they posted it, as the youtuber in question has 72k subscribers.

Short answer if you don't want to watch the video:


Why would you think otherwise?

wait there no run everything in the old version? kinda look weird instead of seeing run everything as in e24? will the lastest version ever have e24?

yes, but the beta version currently has e16 instead of e24 while we test and polish e24. e24 can be quite unstable at times (i've experienced random crashes) so we're temporarily using e16 for stability purposes

I grok how he finds the E16 "retro" even though that isn't really intentional by Elive.

@Thanatermesis was posting about releasing a retro-version as a short term solution to naming and numbering conventions but somehow that sort of faded away.

  • So my proposal would be to use this "old school"perception and flaunt it by releasing "retro" ASAP with of course the retrowave-theme on E16 as well as some similar backgrounds.
  • And then get a move on with e24 as well as Bullseye integration before everything starts collapsing around us.

Clearly E16 has become as good as it will/can get as it is now, so why not release it with pride and start work on the real thing.

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