Presentation mode?

Where is the presentation mode? I used to be able to find it in the main menu, and can't seem to anymore. It might be related to an E upgrade that (re)moved it, or the fact that I took about a month's break from E24. :face_with_head_bandage:

Frankly, I've seen it before too but am just not sure if it wasn't E16. :thinking:

I cannot find it on E24 either ..... which is a specific problem on E24.... i.e a lot of the offered stuff does nothing at all (is a remnant of E17) and is hard to find in the first place.
Given that a lot has to be coded in the first place and then added in such a way that total noobs understand what it does is quite a feat ..... E24 isn't easy and is actually killing itself that way. :shocked:

Not to mention the painful settings menu. I accidentally deleted half my configuration trying to back it up using the profiles settings page because i thought adding a new one would copy the existing config. So I selected it, and now a lot of my settings are gone. :frowning_face:

After asking Raster in IRC, I was told that it was removed because some people forgot it was on, checked blanking settings to no avail, and forgot about the presentation mode buried into the menus.

checkout this screenshot i made

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