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It would be cool, if the custom Screen capture App, was behaving the same for Shift Print Screen as for Print screen.

Print Screen save the capture in the screenshot folder, but ALSO allow to past the screen capture somwhere ( it is beeing saved in the Buffer / ready to be pasted

Shift Print Screen ( select an area of the screen), is saved in the screenshots folder, but we have to go open it, copy it, to paste it…

I know it must be simple for you to tweak it a bit… tks !

Hum… the second option runs:

elive-screenshot -r -s

But it looks to fail here, it works for you? and the hotkey works for you?

  • Print screen works for me, save to the screencapturs and also allow me to past the captured image
  • Shit Print Screen works but only save to the directory, do not allow me to PASTE it on the spot
    Note : tried your elive-screenshot -r -s and it does the same, I can select the area and it save it to disk but do not allow me to paste it on the spot (that is something usefull)


bug found and fixed, now the screenshot tool always save correctly the image in the copy-paste, run apug to have it :slight_smile:

Yes ! it’s working :slight_smile:
tks !


Reading Default Take Screenshot I didn't found the thread about elive-screenshot tool?

Since the version 3.8.19 the elive screenshot tool hotkeys will be updated from:

KeyDown - Print exec elive-screenshot -s -p
KeyDown S Print exec elive-screenshot -r -s
KeyDown C Print exec elive-screenshot -r -s -p


KeyDown - Print exec elive-screenshot -r -p
KeyDown S Print exec elive-screenshot -s -p
KeyDown A Print exec elive-screenshot -w -s -p -d

use 'elive-screenshot --help' to know the details

The new combination makes it much more friendly and useful for productivity / its own purpose:

The new hotkeys will:

  • Simply press Impr: you will see a message saying to select a range to take a screenshot from, quality will be png and the file will be not saved in your screenshots directory
  • With Shift, it will take a screenshot of your whole screen (and this will be suggested when you press it without any combination key too), quality png and saved the file in your screenshots directory
  • With Alt: it will allow you to pick a window which you want to screenshot, quality png and file saved

Note: if you want to keep your actual E16 settings, just change them in your hotkeys file:

scite ~/.e16/bindings.cfg

mentions: @triantares @Rebel450 @TheTechRobo

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