Printer setup fails for unknown reasons

I am trying to set up Elive as a productive system and not just as a playground, and so today I also finally wanted to set up a printer for the system. I have a Canon Pixma iX8750 connected to my machine over wifi. It is definitely recognized and listed as connected, when I look into my router's network settings.
When I call system-config-printer, there is at first one thing that strikes me (because I have never seen this in other distros): the setup dialogue needs to be unlocked first. Is this normal in Elive or is it unusual there, too?
When I had unlocked the dialogue, I added the new printer, and everything seemed to go as known from distros such a Linux Mint: printer is detected, driver is found and installed, you give the printer a name. So far, so good...
But when you want to print a test page, the process starts, but stalls after a couple of seconds with the message that the printer could not be located.
Now here I am lost: what exactly does this mean? It has a network address, you can even open the webpage (although it asks for a user name and a password which I do not know - I have never set one, but maybe the pre-owner). Unfortunately CUPS is no great help either: other than that error does not show up.
Any ideas what else I could try? Hopefully it can be fixed...

It's yours. The system username and password. e.g. username: emil, password: 123456

Looks like the printer connection is conking out which might be down to a wrong protocol or permissions.

My remote printers (Brother) use ipp addresses but I gathered that your printer requires an lpd: address like 'lpd://'.

Setting remote printers on my Elive systems works best by indeed 'unlocking' and using 'add printer' after which I opt for 'find network printer' and enter the printer's IP address and let it search.
If all goes well, it should automagically install and run the needed software.

Unfortunately not. I have also tried the UN and PW of my router, but that did not work either. So I have no idea what is expected.

I have also tried your lpd suggestion instead of the 2 discovered printers (I had deleted my dead end printer before wanting to have a fresh start). I could complete the setup, but this time, when I tried to print the test page, there was the error: CUPS server/internal error.
I remembered then, that I had still two aces up the sleeve worth trying:

  1. Finding a driver directly from Canon

  2. An original PPD file from my linux Mint machine, where this printer works flawlessly.

Canon does offer a Linux driver for download, I found, and it is an archive with an I gave this one a try, and it worked. No errors. Looking again in system-config-printer, I found the newly installed printer and ordered a test page, and this time I had it. So, that was it, then. Problem solved.
Thanks a lot for your advice anyway - it helped me not to give up too early :wink:

That's what it is for me, sooo

If you've set up a root password, try that username/password.

In general the cups webpage on localhost:631 would ask for 'root' but actually you shouldn't need that weppage in the first place as you've already logged in by unlocking the printer-setup app.

Anyway, glad it sorted itself out and it might be worthwhile to have a look at the printer properties and make a note of the protocol nd the IP address is use....i.e does it use lpd: or ipp: or whatever?

Not really, not until what caused it is known....saving a hassle in the future.

Does not work either, but ultimately does not really matter, because I do not need any advanced settings plus I can access quite a few settings through system-config-printer. I am happy that I can print now...

Not for me. Maybe it's because I have a group setup for my user or something.

Ah, now I see you misunderstood me about the webpage, because I was not clear enough. I was talking about the Canon Printer Network Setup Page which appears, when I enter its actual network address, and not the CUPS page. That one wants a username and a password which I do not seem to know, see below:


Well that would be solved by resetting the printer to factory settings and using the password that can be found in the manual or on the Canon site.
Username=ADMIN at any rate.

Thank you! This is good to know just in case. At the moment I cannot see an urgent necessity for it. The printer does what it is supposed to do, and that's the most important thing :slight_smile: