Professionalism improvements in the Elive website

As @triantares suggested in:

THe bug tracking page gives a much more professional vibe....that professional vibe is the big thing lacking IMHO.

The website of elive lacks some proffesional looking

So this thread is about discussing / suggesting specific details and things that can improve the proffesionalism reflected on the website (this can be adding a specific page for a specific purpose, like a list of testimonials or a list of reviews), or even the color or position of a specific button (explaining "why" needs to be changed or the feeling that gives that color)

mentions: @triantares @TheTechRobo

It depends how you look on it.
IMO it is good as it is - what you want to do more 'professional'
(professional in what ?, btw ??)

Too much is still too much.
In My Opinion (again) you should leave the part with the "one man show" away and put it instead somewhere into 'about Elive' / 'about Thanatermesis aka Samuel ..."
For being honest: This always gave me a bitter taste on the tongue. {Professional!?!}
Just an advise (knowing you prolly will ignore it = :likeaboss:

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mmhm, I get that this is a joke, but is IS unprofessional...


(in footer)