Programs drawing their windows beyond my 15in screen boundaries

Some programs keep drawing their windows beyond the edges of my screen. I cannot reach the buttons or tabs in those hidden areas. Dragging the window with Ctrl Alt mouse middle click doesnot work. Some times i use Tab + return to blindly get that window action excuted buy its a hit and miss. Changing the screen resolution to the smallest sizes which eventually draws all the window into view results in such tiny print i have to squint my eyes to use the computor. Any solutions out their to atleast resize the window or drag it view. Ps I disabled all multiple screens, just have one

Next to the drag to resize option on the top edge of the window as well as the bottom left right hand corner:

If you're using E23 you'll have the option of right-clicking on the top window bar and choosing "window", it shows the options "maximize" has but also option to "resize with key-board" and once doing that to one's content: Also the option "remember" to have it opening in that size a next time.
Otherwise there's always the F11 (fullscreen) option available to access lost buttons.

On E16 i have the impression that the Alt, Ctrl and middle click option indeed has disappeared. :face_with_thermometer: