Progress: Evidence File Manager on Elive 3.8

I recently created a post about compiling the Evidence File manager on Elive 3.8. Since then i try'd to fix all Code Bugs (there are a good chunk of them). My programming knowledge is limited to not existent. So even tough the compiler dosent complain anymore, the code fixes, might be not functional.

First things first. Evidence uses an very specific Version of the EFL Evas libary (a Beta Version 0.9). Cause it needs support for Evas gradient objects.

Also the EFL libarys eet and eina, both version 1.7.10 (these are the ones for E17, Evidence originaly used version 1.0) work. The versions in the Debian repository arent compatible.

After changing some code bits in the libary sources, i was able to install them into a own build root. Installing them in your own System will break stuff, dont try it. A big issue also is, instead of PKGCONFIG, the old libarys and Evidence try to call up a pile of "-config" scripts to find out, where the libarys are located in your system. But these dont exist anymore. So i had to modify the configure scripts to ignore the checks and then to specify the libary locations manually with variables (CFLAGS, EINAFLAGS etc.)

I found the source Code for Evas on Fedora Koji. But the Function calls still didnt match perfectly, so i had to change them. Which resulted in a segfault on startup, while trying to load the application theme.

However, i got an Evidence build running, but sadly with a GTK only interface. The GTK interface makes the program pretty ugly looking. But im happy it runs at all.

I will put all my stuff in a github Repository and share it, if someone wants to try to help out.