ProtonVPN Access

I had long time testing to connect to ProtonVPN and have a trouble. and has a question.

I download the server file configuration from ProtonVPN ... OK

With ELIVE 3.0.6 Instaled on HD::
I do "Import VPN configuration" with "server file conf" and create the VPN point
When I test to run it..... Problem... do not connect,,,, Say it have not enougth time.

I do several times and at end I contact with ProtonVPN, they gives me... How to connect to VPN by Terminal.
I test it and WORKS.

I likes Elive and look for they way to it without Terminal.
I had the idea to download the ELIVE 3.7.8 32 bits and test.
And WORKS in live :excited:
I investigate as I can do and I found:
In 3.0.6 the "network-manager-gnome is version
In 3.7.8 32b "network-manager-gnome is version 1.8.20-1

As 3.7.8 32b is a Beta and "network-manager-gnome" version works fine......
How can I update the 3.0.6 version to 3.7.8 32b of "network-manager-gnome", or what can I do?

i have see that too, i think that the problem is the old version of vpn in the stable version, you should better try it from the alpha / beta versions of elive instead

I can test it from the alpha / beta versions but I use the 306 for work and I have it all configured (programs, printer, scaner, etc...)
and works stable till know.