Pushed 1 new commit to master ? in IRC

-ThanaRepo/#elive- [logger-notifications] Thanatermesis pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/fAQEu
-ThanaRepo/#elive- logger-notifications/master 2bb02b8 Thanatermesis: REPOSITORY UPDATED (1, all) | e17-conf

When we see this in the Chat, what is the easy way for us to know what the change is doing in case it solve something important to us, mean some problem we had and that you fixed ?

Example, I tknow this fix has to do with E17, but nothing more
Not important, just curious

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this includes only the info of the repository updates, nothing very useful, just to have a small notification

to know better, you must see the code changed in e17-conf, but this is even more complex

the best way is to wait for the full changelog in the releases, or update-manager which lists them in case that there’s something to include on it