Put screen asleep

hello @Thanatermesis

I usually note important tricks, shortcuts, command but lost one important for me

You once gave me a command to dim / put my screen asleep.

I lost and don't remember the command I had associated to a shortcut on one of my previous installations...

Do you know what i mean ?

xset dpms force off

I've got it
Google :wink:

you don't use Cairo?
There is usually a button for it ( depends on your hardware) ( ?? )

Methinks you're looking for
"sudo brightnessctl set 10%-" to dim incrementaly or use + to make brighter.
"sudo systemctl [suspend|sleep|hybrid-sleep|hibernate]" take your pick of the last command-option to put your system to sleep.
Otherwise there's always standard "i3lock" to lock your screen.
Never saw a cairo dimmer .....there was one on e17. A slider on the "shelf" bottom right in the screen.

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tks but no, for my Home Desktop PC that I do not always LOCK, I was really looking for this
xset dpms force off

Ah yes, the command for which I use the on/of button. :surprise:

My new 32 Inch ViewSonic has it's PoweOff Button in the back and is difficult / long to turn off :P: To avoid having to wrap my hand under or right to the screen to simply turn it off, i prefer a keyboard shortcut LOL If I was able to i3lock + turn it off in one command it would be cool...

That is very possible. I remember seeing howto somewhere.
IIRC I even mentionned it to you somewhere in a screen-lock thread.

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Take care!
Don't copy that command verbatim.
The formatting gets lost in the link preview.
Click the link and go there for the correct formatting.

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it's working tks !

If you get lost on the way, give us a shout we'll push you in the right direction. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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we should have an application running in background, watching your webcam, when no movement is detected for 5 minutes, turn off screen

sssh... dont tell that idea to apple lol

So if you fall asleep (or worse: die) at least your screen turns off. :shocked:
Doesn't it always do that with energy-star options?

That would be too creepy for Apple but I bet Google would like it.

Me, I got all my front facing webcams stickered.
The FSF sells those stickers. For a good cause and they don't leave residue when removed again. :applause:

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Sounds somehow like BigBrother to me ...

None of my numerous Desktop PC has a cam at all

I only have laptops (preferably Thinkpads) .... a confined space and traveling requirement.

that depends of the WM , i dont think e16 has it, but e17 has this option which i don't remember if works, should be set by default :slight_smile:

It is part of the "xset" options.
From "xset --help" :

  To control Energy Star (DPMS) features:

-dpms Energy Star features off
+dpms Energy Star features on
dpms [standby [suspend [off]]]
force standby
force suspend
force off
force on
(also implicitly enables DPMS features)
a timeout value of zero disables the mode

If I use -dpms on e16, screen blanking takes noticably longer to set in.

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Mmh, what i mean is that the WM sometimes has the energy / blanking feature added, e17 has that conf, maybe uses xset in the background or a lib

for now @triantares method (his script) is working well for me

my screen goes WHITE (somekind of transparent / like if the lock feature was called, I think it is..)' then screen goes Off ( complete dark ).

And if I wand to go back, need to enter the password

You can set it to whatever colour you want, actually. I set it to white so as not to be confused by screen blanking ...... which doesn't require password, normally.

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