python-EFL version of 'ctrl-alt-del' app

That would /could create a problem for those having an issue with 'screen size' i.e making the buttons in the middle inaccessible or even leave someone totally locked into the screen if it's on 'top'. Hence why I kept it at a fixed size....It's a choice but I agree a sort of faded out background of a screenshot (like 'lock-screen' does) would be a nifty beautification.

I was actually just thinking of a 'Go away! I'm fine.' button on top. :madness:
As well as maybe an a small noob friendly text explaining 'ctrl-alt-F1' usage to get into a virtual terminal and what can be done from there.
But please keep in mind that I'm primarily making this widget as a GUI drop-in template in place of 'zenity'....and for me to get more acquainted with 'python-efl'. :innocent:

I used the fairly simple 'ctrl-alt-del' script as a starting point and the functions aren't strictly the same as on the original script.

  • ATM I'm looking at using 'python-efl' to beautify the 'elive-welcome' (again). :innocent:

That's not a bad idea .... especially if we don't want go get the crash screen too daunting with all the options. Even point to it from the 'ctrl-alt-del' widget.

True, where producing 'arandr' might still have the same problem of not being visible. :slightly_frowning_face:

Your thoughts are about dpi (elive-scale-desktop') which doesn't really help much if either the (wrong) GPU or the screen are misconfigured. I personally haven't come across it lately but do remember some forum questions to the matter.

  • So, all in all maybe a jump to a virtual terminal (including a HowTo) or even 'init 1' could be a better idea. :thinking:

I tried a fullscreen, 80% transparent version (with a slightly different layout) but I'm not impressed. :frowning_face:

  • Maybe give the baclground a red hue?

Opposed to:

I also think that the current app (as ctrl-alt-del replacement) needs a lot more changes.
Like having the apps it connects to use EFL windows/widgets too ...... so as to have a more consistent look&feel (i.e adhere to the Elive theme), it's actually quite messy now with all the different GUI versions in use.

TODO: Create a different git entry for the template and make it installable/usable as an extension module for python.
Done !

Do you have a repo up? I can't seem to find it. :face_with_head_bandage:

Yeah, I even invited you. :innocent:

hum, looks funny, what about transparency 90% and only-vertical buttons?

could be the buttons scaled 2x generically maybe?
_mmh... this remembers me a tool i made many years ago called "apishow", which is meant to be a search tool of the features / functions you need from the efl API lol, i should publish it someday... just tried it and it returned me:

 * Set the scaling factor for a given Elementary object
 * @param obj The Elementary to operate on
 * @param scale Scale factor (from @c 0.0 up, with @c 1.0 meaning
 * no scaling)
 * @ingroup Elm_Scaling
EAPI void   elm_object_scale_set(Evas_Object *obj, double scale)

the only way to have a consistent design is by using e25 and not e16, so e25 uses elementary as theme, so all desktop + elementary + efl apps (like this one, using elm theme) will look consistent

They would i I made the original frame larger ..... I was just experimenting to what it would look like.

Sound interesting ..... why don't you?

No, I disagree. Another way is to be attentive to what apps are added and how they are configured.

I started work on an EFL version of task-manager but stopped work as I've had a lot more to do lately.
On top I'm having a frustrating fight getting the results nicely shown and sorted in the way I want...... so I took some time off, off computers to clear my head. :innocent:

Maybe I should just use 'bpytop' and stick it in an EFL child-window. :thinking:

yeah is difficult to have everything wanted as you want, EFL gives many possibilities but it can take time, especially if you are not using the native language "C" which is the one meant to work from (and also, not much people can help you if you have a problem doing it in python)

Oh, this is so true .... I really feel like an idiot sometimes, just trying out stuff ansd seeing if it works.
Luckily 'scite' and F5 are vey good for this. :innocent:

Do you have the current source code...?

I might be able to figure something out.

No not really ...... :innocent:

It's still in my 'playground' folder meaning that there's no fixed code yet, just tests with highly volatile code. :madness:
The moment I get the impression that it's going somewhere I'll create a git project.

Would you like me to start work on one or do you want to finish yours...?

I'm going to be extremely busy the coming 5 weeks. So from my side there wont be much progress.

So feel free to start whatever you want. :innocent:

And just to be overly clear:
It's 'evas' and 'elementary' that have me baffled not python.

yeah its a world...

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