Question about enlightenment : transitioning from X11 to Wayland?

10. Enlightenment

Started long back in 1996 as a project to build a Window Manager for X11, Enlightenment, or simply called E, provides a graphical shell that can be used along with desktop environments like KDE and GNOME. In case you choose to use it along with EFL (libraries), it can act as a full-fledged Linux desktop environment. Bodhi Linux, a popular and lightweight Linux distro, earlier shipped with Enlightenment as default desktop; now it uses an Enlightenment fork named Moksha desktop. This Linux desktop environment project is currently transitioning from X11 to Wayland and plans to completelty more to Wayland eventually.

Do you see that as good for us ?


I'd like to revive i.e bump up this question as I suspect that E16 won't run nicely on wayland as is.:shocked:

Which will essentially make porting E16 to Bullseye-Sid on the Pinebook Pro a tad harder, to say the least. :coding:

And all in all another reason to jump the gun and start aiming for an optimized E24.

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I don't think so, E24+ relies entirely on its own libraries, which can use different rendering (display) engines, this means that it can run uppon X11, wayland, or maybe even in framebuffer!

That's exactly what he was saying here: